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We make sure your employees are fully compliant.

Check your employees driving licences

Driving licence checking is derived from the Access to Driver Data (ADD) service. DriverCheck provides a web portal for your business to view your drivers’ licence check results online, in real time.

What we do:

We ensure our system keeps you informed of all driving licence compliance issues. This enables complete control of managing your drivers.

  • UK Driving Licence Checks
  • Foreign Driving Licence Checks
  • Northern Irish Driving Licence Checks
  • CPC & Tachograph information

How we do it:

We do this by providing a fully GDPR compliant service which gives:

  • 24/7 access to our technically advanced online portal. Giving you real-time visibility of all drivers’ driving licences
  • Alerts about driving offences by your drivers – even if they don’t tell you 
  • Notifications of matches and mismatches in your drivers’ name and address.
  • System Alerts (Dynamic & Static)
  • Management Dashboard & KPI’s
  • Management Reporting
  • Online Driver Enrollment 
  • UK Paperless System
  • UK Electronic Checking
  • UK Instant Checks Results
  • Robust Driver Follow-up
  • Management of KPI’s
Police Licence Check

Essential To Our Compliance Project

Our company is in the process of moving all its 2000+ drivers from manual checking onto the DriverCheck system. Their team have helped us at every step with this project, and provide on the spot assistance by email (responded to quickly) and by phone – directly to someone who knows my business and the project inside out – not a call centre. We can upload bulk data, or add individually depending on our need. The process is quick and easy, and considering the scope there have been very few issues. The interface is easy to navigate and use. I’d recommend this company to any medium to large business as an essential resource for compliance.
5 star rating

Driving Licence Checks for Employees

DriverCheck’s service produces a result so that the employer can review the status of the driver. This will ensure the driver has a valid driving licence and is legal to drive. The employer will be able to gain full visibility on their employees. It will include key details ranging from the number of penalty points the driver has, to the drivers restrictions to drive and much more.


Driving Licence Checks and Employee Benefits

There are many benefits to checking a driving licence of a person that drives on associated company business.

If your company carries out a driver licence check through DriverCheck they are showing a duty of care towards you. This will help to protect the business, providing you with confidence that your company looks after your interests.

Your business will have visibility and control of each employees driving licence. This will ensure they have the correct categories of entitlement to drive. As a result you will know they are complying with the restrictions of their driving licence.

The DriverCheck road risk monitor will focus your business on road safety. It will detail who’s licence you should check with a greater frequency to reduce the road risk to other drivers.

Businesses need to stay compliant and have to meet the correct driving regulations and legislation. By utilising the DriverCheck system, your company will meet its obligations and reduce the risks surrounding drivers licences.

Driving Licence Checks Explained

Driving licence checking is possible with the use of the ‘Access to Driver Data’ (ADD) service. An employer can use our live web portal to view information on their employees in real time.

DriverCheck’s service ensures that a business can check that their employees posses a valid driving licence. We provide complete transparency so that details such as penalty points or driving restrictions.

Whose Driving Licences Should You Check?

Every person that drives for or on behalf of your business should go through the driving licence checking process. This includes any nominated third party that has access to a company vehicle.

Anyone that has access to a vehicle used on work associated business needs to be driving licence checked. This can range from grey fleet drivers to company car users.

The Implications of Not Carrying Out Driving Licence Checks

An insurance provider requires a business to ensure that each driver is properly licenced. If not undertaken, they are driving illegally, and form a high risk to the business and it’s reputation.

If one of the drivers within your business is in an accident or incident, then you may need to attend a court appearance. This could result in a fine or an investigation under the health and safety legislation. At worst under the corporate manslaughter legislation.

It is very important to check each driver’s licence on a regular frequency. The data provided must be requested and in turn is entered into the DriverCheck portal.

The cost of the significant corporate and financial problems for a business far outweighs the investment in a licence checking service should any problems occur. Check your drivers licences today and do not wait on an incident or accident.

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